wh10600-default-smIf you are going to buy an air purifier, you should know how they work, why you need to have one and what model will suit all your requirements. Among numerous air cleaner you can easily mess up, that is why the following reviews will help you to make a good choice.

However, you can find similar information on special sites, reading about each model and trying to remember all specifications, you can get the necessary facts about air purifiers right here and now. You also may use a comparison table if you simply do not have enough time to look through this article. Pick the appropriate air cleaner for your house or flat, by comparing features. This will give you a visual idea about their main task.

If you trust what top choice offers you, then look up at the list of air cleaners, picked by the parameters such as a price, where you can get one and how it will benefit your life.

Due to people’s most common requirements, air purifiers subdivided by:
pros reasonable price
prosquiet for having a rest
pros best one for people with Allergy and Asthma
proseliminating the smoke
pros good choice for the whole house
pros ionic
pros premium model
pros quietest for a big room
pros superior for a small room

What you must know before getting an air purifier

Once you have come to this point of the article, it means you are interested to get more information about this household appliance. If you have never had one at home, just read and remember what you should keep in your mind when making a purchase. The most important steps to consider are filter work, air flow and CADR. You will find a clear buying guide with explanations of terms below.
Filtration work

HEPA filters are the most popular and effective for air cleaners. They were made to suck allergens, mold or dust in and after free a clean air. Such filters can collect up to 99.9% of impurities, which make the air quite dangerous. As a result, you can get hay fever or asthma. Therefore, filtration work is very important, and it should be excellent.

Air flow

When it comes to a flow of the air, it has to be continuous. You must be able to choose the speed (it can depend on a type of a filter). What else you should notice is how many times the volume of the air replaces. Surely, the highest number you opt per hour, the better for your health. Do not forget that you have to regard the size of your house or apartment.


Clean Air Delivery Rate relates to a filter in an air purifier and shows a capability for cleaning smoke, dust and pollen. CADR corresponds with a specific type of a filter and its size inside an air cleaner.
Top selections according to popular requirements

Below you can read the most significant info about air purifiers, that hopefully will lead you to a good buy.

Reasonable price air cleaner


The Winix PlasmaWave 5300 Air Purifier is the best choice if you watch your money. It has got three-stage filter system, wave technology and a sensor for adjusting a fan speed. You will also win if the size of your house is around 350 square feet.


A quiet air purifier for having rest

GermGuardian AC4825 Air Cleaner will provide the quietest work ever. You can easily set it in your bedroom and do not worry about a noise. It also has an appropriate size, and it does not weigh much.


Best one air purifier for people with Allergy and Asthma


The Honeywell 50250-S with HEPA filters will undisputedly protect you and your family members from getting Allergy or Asthma. This air cleaner is recommended by doctors, which is a trustful sign.


Air purifier with a good elimination of the smoke


The Austin Health Mate HM450+ with a carbon-zeolite filter removes smoke and the smell of benzene fast. If you smoke yourself or have to deal with other smokers at home, choose this perfect model of an air cleaner for a good value.


Good choice of an air purifier for the whole house


IQAir New Edition HealthPro Plus Air Cleaner will suit all the requirements you have. It provides a four-stage system of filtration, a worthy suppression of noise and it easily makes the smell in your house nice.


Ionic air purifierimages

The Surround Air XJ-3800 Intelli-Pro Air Purifier has seven filters and an ionizer that ensure clear air. This very model of an air cleaner also differs with its quiet work process.


Premium model air purifierblueair-270e-600x600

No doubt, Blueair 403 HepaSilent is the best pick if the price does not matter for you. It has won a few air cleaners competitions due to its ideal features. The premium model has a stylish design and the set of improved options for making the air in your house shiny.


Quietest air purifier for a big room


You will not find a better choice for a big room size than The Alen BreatheSmart Air Cleaner with HEPA filters. The biggest advantage of the specific model is that you can opt the fastest speed, but the noise will still stay as on the slow rate.


Superior air purifier for a small room

51VL7HgsN-L._SX522_The Greentech GT50 Plug-In was selected as the best for living or working in small rooms/offices. However, its size is not big at all, it shows a wonderful performance, removing dust, smoke and various airborne bacteria.


In addition, you must know answers for several questions that may arise during a purchase. Remember that your new air purifier has to suit your room size, furniture, do not disturb your sleep or rest and its filters must be appropriate for cleaning up the level of pollution in your house. If you are concerned about cleaning the air where you live or work properly, then you must pay your attention to carbon filters, which noticeably increase the level of cleaning the air in rooms.

Apart from HEPA filters, air purifiers can have different filtering systems with electrostatic, ionic and UV technologies. Make sure you get a certain model of an air cleaner that will have all necessary options for handy usage.

Your day to day life will become safer when you know that your health is under protection from dust, mould, allergens, hair, fur, bacteria and deadly viruses that surround everyone. You can get rid of all of them by breathing clean air most of the time.

How to choose an air purifier

If you have ended up at this page reading these words now, it is as we guess the result of your search of an effective air purifier. This means that we do not really need to explain the importance and numberless benefits of using this device both at home or in the office — obviously you perfectly know all of them yourself.

Nevertheless, you must be still not quite sure about which model to choose and how to make your choice as reasonable as possible, right?

The first thing that might turn the process of choosing a perfect air purifier into a nightmare is an immense number of various models available in the market, which makes it absolutely unclear which one will answer all your requirements and bring the expected results. Good news: in this article, we will give you the very information you need to be aware of and take into account when choosing the best air purifier. This is the best way never to doubt or regret your choice.

For your ultimate convenience, all the information in this free guide is sorted into six sections

Arrow-LeftWhat Function You Want the Air Purifier to Fulfil

Arrow-LeftChoosing the Air Purifier Technology and Filter Type in Accordance with Your Needs

Arrow-LeftHow Powerful Your Desired Air Purifier Should Be

 Arrow-LeftPaying Special Attention to the Air Changes Per Hour (ACH) Rate

Arrow-LeftTaking Into Account the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)

Arrow-Left How Much the Ownership and Maintenance of Your Device Will Cost

Reading this article will become especially effective if you do not disregard taking some notes while going through each of the section. After you have put down the characteristics that you need your future air purifier to possess, you will know exactly what model to buy. After all, there is no better way to guarantee a satisfaction from the purchase than to know that it excellently suits all your specific needs.

Let’s waste no more time and start right now!

What Function You Want the Air Purifier to Fulfil

The very first question you need to ask yourself, desirably at the beginning of your search of the best air purifier, is “What functions do I want my air purifier to fulfil?” It is essential to have a clear answer to this question since the choice of various air purifiers you can see on the market is simply astounding. If you do not want to stand a chance of getting disappointed with your choice, start with figuring out this point in the beginning.

When you read the next section of the article, you will get to know about various specific types of filters that air purifiers use. Each one focuses on a specific type of contaminants and toxins that might be in the air.

Now, take a minute to think well about what you really expect from your air purifier, and what is the initial reason for you buying one? Are you someone susceptible to allergies that may be easily triggered by different particles floating in the air? Is it hair or pet dander that are causing you so much trouble? Are the airborne bacteria and virulent viruses that have made you look for a powerful air purifier? Would you like to completely get rid of the tough smoke seeping into the walls of your house? Are you dreaming about removing all the unpleasant odors that appear in your dwelling for whatever reasons? Or maybe you are simply looking for a way to boost the level of overall health in your family and reduce the risks of various unpleasant diseases?

Choosing the Air Purifier Technology and Filter Type in Accordance with Your Needs

After you have decided for yourself what functions you want your future air purifier to perform, you can use this knowledge for choosing the air filter technology that would suit your needs and solve your specific problems.

It is not hard to guess that there exist different air filtering systems dedicated to purifying the air from particular kinds of air pollutants more efficiently than the others.

Do not worry: it is not necessary to go deep into the complicated technical details of the way each filtering system works so that to be able to choose the one you need. We will make this part of your searches for the best air purifier as easy as we only. Namely, we will explain in layman’s terms only those features that you are advised to know and understand to make a deliberate decision.

True HEPA Filter

This is a physical-type filter characterized by high efficiency of performance. If you have come across a really good air purifier, it most likely contains this type of filtering technology.

What you need to be especially careful about is whether the characteristics of a certain air purifier include the phrase “true HEPA”, which means an authentic HEPA filtering system, instead of the “HEPA-type”. An authentic, or true HEPA filter has a certificate proving its capability to eliminate 99.7% of all contaminative particles having the size of up to 0.3 microns. In comparison, filtering systems positioned as “HEPA-type filters” can get rid of the polluting particles as small as 2—3 microns. For you to understand this difference more vividly, look at your hair — it is around 2 microns thick.


prosEffectively eliminates different types of allergens including dust particles and dust mites, mold spores, pollen grains, etc.

prosThe pollutants cannot escape back in the air that has been purified with this device


Minus_Circle_Green Cannot fight various smells and odors, smoke, and chemical fumes

Minus_Circle_Green Not capable of getting rid of the viruses, the size of which is considerably smaller than 0.3 microns

Ionic Purifier (Otherwise referred to as an Ionizer)

In fact, an ionic purification system cannot be called a filter by definition since it does not take the air in. What it does instead is produce electrical charges that make the contaminative particles stick together in masses that become too heavy to continue floating in the air.


prosCapable of getting rid of extremely small particles measuring 0.01 microns

prosGets rid of viruses, bacteria, smoke and toxic fumes particles, thus completely sterilizing the air


Minus_Circle_Green Purifies air but does not eliminate the contaminative particles. Since they are left in the room, there is a certain chance they might end up floating in the air once again

Minus_Circle_Green Cannot get rid of unpleasant smells and odors

Ultra Violet (UV) Light System

This specific air purification system is a perfect choice for the aim of removing various kinds of airborne pathogens from the room. Bacteria and even the tiniest viruses stand no chance since this system destroys their DNA molecular bonds by exposing them to its ultraviolet electromagnetic radiation. At the same time, this specific type of air purification has no influence on allergens or dust particles, which makes it a truly good choice only in combination with other filters.


prosEffectively destroys bacteria, germs, and viruses — potentially hazardous pathogens

prosReduces the risks of catching a disease


Minus_Circle_Green Cannot get rid of dust particles, as well as various allergens

Minus_Circle_Green Cannot purify air from gases, chemical fumes, smokes, and their odors

Carbon Filter

Owing to countless tiny pores pf activated carbon, this filter type effectively catches and retains a number of different contaminative particles. Those include the small particles that make up gases and chemical fumes, various smokes and odors. However, carbon filters cannot get rid of all types of pollutants, which is why there are usually used in combination with filter of other types.


prosHas the highest absorption power among all other filter types

prosEasily gets rid of chemical fumes, gases, different smokes, smells, and odors

prosRetains the absorbed pollutants inside preventing them from getting back into the air


Minus_Circle_Green Not capable of eliminating allergens, including dust partciles

Minus_Circle_Green Not capable of catching airborne bacteria and viruses

How Powerful Your Desired Air Purifier Should Be

The next important criterion for your choice of a perfect air purifier for your specific needs is its power indicator, which is reflected in the space coverage of the device. A super-powerful model covering more space than you need is obviously a waste of money, just as a purifier that fails to purify all the air in the room.

When taking a closer look at different models that are now available on the market, you will notice that they are designed for a range of space sizes. As a rule, you will find specific indications explaining the purifying power of the device with phrases like “Room Size” or “Average Coverage” and a figure in square feet. While a less powerful machine will do a good job in a room of up to 150 square feet, other models will offer twice or thrice as much power.

What you need to do at this stage of your search is to calculate the square footage of the room where you would like to use your future air purifier. To make it even easier, you can make use of this online square footage calculator.

Pay Special Attention to the Air Changes Per Hour (ACH) Rate

Another technical characteristic you should pay attention to is air changes per hour, or ACH rate, which is indicated by every air purifier model you can find. It shows the number of times per hour that the whole volume of air from the room goes through the purifier. For instance, if you see the ACH rate of five, it means that when used in a space it is designed for, the air purifier filters the air in the room five times in one hour.

It is highly recommended not to purchase models with an ACH rate of less than four. It is especially important if the main reason you are looking for an air purifier is to improve the quality of life when suffering from asthma or allergies.

Take Into Account the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)

Apart from the ACH rate, you need to pay additional attention to the CADR rate, which stands for “clean air delivery rate”. This characteristic is essential since it describes the effectiveness of air purification that the specific device can provide in three main categories: pollen, dust, and tobacco smoke. The strategy is simple: the higher the indicators are, the better air purification results you can expect.

How Much the Ownership and Maintenance of Your Device Will Cost

When choosing an effective air purifier for either home or business, the majority of buyers take into account the price tag only. However, there is another important characteristic — cost of ownership — that considerably influences the final expenditures you will have to face. The cost of ownerships is largely contingent upon the specific air purification technology and filter type (or types), which in their turn determine the energy consumption of the air purification device.

If you are thinking about opting for an air purifier with a carbon filter or true HEPA technology, you should be perfectly aware of the real cost and frequency of filter replacement. The latter might vary from few months to few years, which substantially changes the cost of maintenance. To have a clear picture of all the costs you will deal with after you buy the desired air purifier, take some time to calculate the expected energy consumption and the maintenance expenditures within a year.

Choosing an air purifier to suit your needs turned out to be a harder task than you expected?

Compare air purifiers in the most convenient way you can find, evaluating their characteristics side by side. There is no better and quicker way to make a well thought-out choice, especially when you know what specific features you are looking for. Here you will find an accessible comparison of characteristics and price tags in order to choose an air purifier that suits your needs like no other.

The list of ratings and characteristics you will find below includes:

Arrow-Left Type – a specific type of air filtering technology that the device is based on

Arrow-Left Area Coverage – the maximum room space that the device can effectively handle

Arrow-Left ACH– air changes per hour rate, which means how many times the device can filter the whole amount of air in the room within one hour

Arrow-Left CADR – clean air delivery rate, which states the effectiveness of air purification by the deviceArrow-Left

Note: For more convenience, you can sort the ratings in this table in ascending or descending order. To do so, simply click on the top column tab (blue), and the air purifier features will be automatically sorted.

ModelFilter TypeNoise LevelRoom SizePlusesReviewCheck Price
Lighted Water Air Purifierand Freshener
WaterSoothing water rushing sound / 1 fan - 1 speed600 sq. ft.Uses nature's water as a filter; includes optional aroma oils & has built in LED nightlight.BUY-NOW
Filterless Silent Air Purifier - 450 Sq Feet
FilterlessSilent450 sq. ft.Reduces the microorganisms that can cause allergies.Our ReviewBUY-NOW
Filterless Silent Air Purifier - 650 Sq Feet
FilterlessSilent /None650 sq. ft.The only technology that destroys airborne allergens, mold spores, dust mites, viruses, bacteria and pet dander with safe and quiet heat convection.Our ReviewBUY-NOW
Pet Air Cleaner
HEPA4 fan speeds
213 sq. ft.The five-stage Pet Air Cleaner is uniquely designed to capture and eliminate 99.99% of pet hair, dander, allergens, microbes and pet odors from your home.Our ReviewBUY-NOW
Alen Breathesmart Air Purifier
HEPAWhisper quiet technology1100 sq. ft.Technology detects contaminants and automatically adjusts the airflow to clean air while saving energy and extending filter life.BUY-NOW
Lighted Globe HEPA Air Purifier
HEPAWhisper quiet108 sq. ft.Clean and purify your air with the Lighted Globe HEPA Air Purifier. It’s compact, portable and whisper quiet for use in the bedroom, bathroom or office.BUY-NOW
Alen Breathesmart Designer Air Purifier24HEPA4 Speed settings/quiet
1,100 sq. ft.Automatically adjusts its cleaning power to maximize filter life while saving energy.BUY-NOW
Filterless Silent UV Air Purifier
Filterless3 speed400 sq. ft.Compact and efficient purifier and humidifier in one.Our ReviewBUY-NOW
ECO HEPA Air Purifier
HEPAAutomatic adjusting 3-speed,quiet operation326 sq. ft.Features four stages of filtration to remove airborne contaminants, and freshens the air with negative ions.BUY-NOW
4-in-1 UV Air Cleaning System
HEPA5 speed settings, including ultra-quiet sleep mode193 sq. ft.Create a healthier home environment with the 4-in-1 UV Air Cleaning System. Its replaceable multifilter is a prefilter, charcoal filter and HEPA filter in one, designed to capture and remove hair, dust and odors, plus over 99% of atom-sized allergens and asthma triggers (such as pollen, dust mites, mold and pet dander). In addition, a powerful Ultraviolet-C light destroys germs, bacteria and viruses.BUY-NOW
PureSmart Intelligent 5-Stage Air Purifier
HEPAAuto Fan Speed260 Sq. Ft.Intelligently adjusts itself depending on air quality, and has a color-changing LED that displays the level of cleanliness.BUY-NOW

We hope that after looking through these rating and reviews of various air purifier models, you are now able to make a deliberate decision of the device that will fulfill all your expectations and needs. If cannot make a final decision and are wavering between a few different models, we recommend studying the free guides you can find at this website. The will provide you with a deeper knowledge of different air purification technologies that get rid of specific air pollutants, such as dust particles, mold, pet hair and dander, airborne microorganisms, smoke, etc. After you have understood the peculiarities of solutions for each of these problems, you can turn back to this page and weigh all pros and cons of the models under consideration. We are sure that, by that time, you will be competent enough to opt for the best air purifier you need.

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